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ZSR Circumcision Laser Surgery in Delhi, NCR & India

Surgery Available – Yes

Hospitalization Required – No, they are daycare procedures

Lab Tests Facility – Available

Emergency Treatment – Available

In-Patient Facilities – Available

Imaging Facility – Available

Same-Day Appointment – Available

Recovery Rate – Recovery rates are high.

Dr. Ashish Saini is the Best Urologist and Sexologist in Delhi, NCR and India

Dr. Ashish Saini is the Best Sexologist in Delhi and the best Urologist in Delhi NCR. A Gold Medalist from AIIMS New Delhi, he has to his name various complex Urological and Sexology related surgeries done in large numbers in his 12+ years of experience. He has been awarded several times for his outstanding work done in his journey till now. Dr. Ashish Saini did his MBBS from India’s Prestigious medical college – King George Medical College (KGMC) Lucknow. Post MBBS completion, he completed his M. Ch in Urology from India’s Best Medical College – All India Medical Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi.

Dr. Ashish Saini has successfully completed 5200+ Urology and Sexology Surgeries. His patients are from all over the country and the world. Dr. Ashish Saini is clearly the Best Sexologist and Urologist in Delhi, NCR and India because of his vast and versatile experience in the field of Urology and Sexology.

Penile Health and Care - ZSR Circumcision

What is ZSR Circumcision?

ZSR Circumcisions are one of the oldest forms of operations being performed on humans. While popular among males, women too undergo them on a rare occasion. This procedure is considered potent as it prevents STDs and improves penile topical hygiene and reduces incidences of belts and penile cancer. Recommended by WHO are three conventional methods for circumcision, namely the Dorsil slit, the forceps-guided method, and sleeve resection.

Equipment used - ZSR Stapler Circumcision

The ZSR stapler circumcision is a new device for commercial use. It has two parts an, inner bell and an outer bell. The dinner bell has a circular blade to cut the foreskin and staples to close the wounds for simultaneous hemostasis.

Surgery through a pointer - Circumcision Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is another new method of surgical circumcision. It involves the use of a carbon dioxide laser and is performed under general anesthesia. According to a study presented by the national library of medicine under the department of Urology, a comparison was made among two groups of surgical patients of circumcision. Group A underwent the traditional method while Group B underwent laser surgery. The result showed no significant difference, however, the patients reported lesser operation time, a subtle wound, and an even better appearance, thus, rendering the laser operation a better option.

Demands for circumcision cost in India

The normal ZSR circumcision cost in India varies from 25,000/- to 40,000/- Rs. The variation is based on the patient’s medical history, the procedure followed and the specialist’s recommendations, etc.

Phimosis disease: Doctors, Disease, and Cost.

Phimosis has been seen to be the case among some males that if not circumcised they undergo the problem of Phimosis, which is a condition of tightening of the foreskin, and while this is not a serious condition, problems occur when infections follow. The phimosis surgery costs 18,000/- to 30,000/- varying on the procedure, medical history, etc. Phimosis doctors nearby could contact the nearest urology labs or reputed hospital wings.


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