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Recovery Rate – Recovery rates are high.

Advanced Surgical Technologies treatments by the Best Urologist in Delhi, Dr. Ashish Saini

Dr Ashish Saini is the Best Sexologist in Delhi and the best Urologist in Delhi NCR. A Gold Medalist from AIIMS New Delhi, he has to his name various complex Urological and Sexology related surgeries done in large numbers in his 12+ years of experience. He has been awarded several times for his outstanding work done in his journey till now. Dr Ashish Saini did his MBBS from India’s Prestigious medical college – King George Medical College (KGMC) Lucknow. Post MBBS completion, he completed his M. Ch in Urology from India’s Best Medical College – All India Medical Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi.
Dr Ashish Saini has successfully completed 5200+ Urology and Sexology Surgeries. His patients are from all over the country and the world. Dr Ashish Saini is clearly the Best Sexologist and Urologist in Delhi, NCR and India because of his vast and versatile experience in the field of Urology and Sexology.

About ThuFLEP Surgery in Delhi

Fiber lasers are revolutionizing a growing number of surgical procedures because they are portable, lightweight, and dependable. In the last ten years, femtosecond fiber lasers have arisen, fast-moving from research to development to commercialization. The advantages of fiber lasers over solid-state and gas lasers include their extraordinary versatility, practicality, and dependability in surgical applications. Surgeons are starting to turn to fiber lasers, even for surgeries when using any other laser would have been unimaginable.

Continue reading to learn more about how ThuFLEP lasers treat with minimally invasive procedures along with ThuFLEP treatment in Delhi provided by Dr Ashish Saini, a well-known ThuFLEP doctor at Excel Advanced Urology Centre. Now you no longer need to worry about looking after ThuFLEP Surgeon near Me since the best is already in town. 

Understanding Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia treated by ThuFLEP Surgery

Prostate gland enlargement is referred to as BPH. The prostate, a gland of the male reproductive system, is situated immediately below the bladder and aids in both semen production and ejaculation.
One of the few organs that keeps expanding as a guy gets older is the prostate. As the enlarged prostate enlarges, it may begin to put pressure on the bladder and urethra and suffocate the urinary tract, resulting in symptoms of the urinary system which are treated under ThuFLEP treatment in Delhi by Dr Ashish Saini.

Common BPH symptoms

The following are some BPH signs:

  • A pee stream that is intermittent or weak
  • Inability to start a urine stream
  • After the conclusion of urination, dribbling
  • A rise in daily urination frequency of up to 8 or more times
  • Urinary urgency, or the inability to put off having to urinate
    Nocturia, often known as frequent urinating during sleeping
    Urinary incontinence

Treatments for BPH

Thulium Fibre Laser Enucleation of the Prostate and Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate are both abbreviations for the same procedure. In these types of therapy, the prostate tissue that is obstructing a patient’s urethra is sliced (enucleated) with a laser. The blood arteries are sealed up at the same moment by the laser’s heat. Thus, this explains why minimal blood loss occurs after this kind of operation. The prostate tissue is removed from the bladder during the second stage of the procedure, known as morcellation.

Either the Holmium Laser in HoLEP or the Thulium Fibre Laser in ThuFLEP can be used to accomplish this. The laser that is used relies on the ThuFLEP doctor’s experience and what is offered by the facility where the therapy is being provided. Your “ ThuFLEP Surgeon near Me” search has been now resolved by Excel Advanced Urology Centre. The ThuFLEP procedure will be covered in depth in the following article.

About ThuFLEP treatment

Thulium Fiber Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (ThuFLEP) prostate cancer treatments are increasingly being used in urological surgery. Modern urology practices using conventional lasers shorten the duration of urological disease treatments and facilitate quick recovery. In comparison to the standard laser procedures used today, the ThuFLEP treatment in Delhi, which is employed in the urology clinic of our hospital, has a lot more benefits and comfort.

At Excel Advanced Urology Centre, the ThuFLEP treatment in Delhi, which can be utilised safely in both prostate and stone illnesses, offers several advantages over conventional techniques. The Thulium Fiber (ThuFLEP) device can be used safely to treat kidney, bladder, and ureteral stones as well as benign prostatic enlargements of all sizes.

Let’s know about ThuFLEP (Thulium Fiber) Technology

The active laser medium in Thulium Fiber Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (ThuFLEP) prostate cancer treatment is a long, thin, and thulium-doped silica fibre. The thulium ions are excited by the energy that is being pumped through the fibre by several diode lasers. Through an outgoing laser fibre, photons with a wavelength of 1940 nm are released and aimed at the operational field.

The continuous and pulsed operation modes are the two options available. Additionally, TFL can function in a variety of energy, frequency, and pulse shape settings. A very effective pumping mechanism enables the generation of modest amounts of heat while getting high powers. As a result, the cooling system in the machine is much smaller than in other laser systems, which lowers the overall weight of a TFL system. Smaller surgical incisions are possible due to the thin gain medium and more homogeneous spatial profile.

When do doctors use ThuFLEP treatment?

In the treatment of prostate enlargements of all sizes, the ThuFLEP technique is quite effective. All stone illnesses, including those of the kidney, bladder, and ureter, can also be treated with it.

Therapeutic uses for ThuFLEP prostate surgery that are important

  • Stone control: Flexible ureteroscopy, which is used to manage kidney and ureteric stones, is one of the principal uses of laser technology (particularly Ho: YAG and TFL). Stone management can be done using just minimally invasive methods thanks to this diagnostic and therapeutic procedure for ThuFLEP prostate surgery.

  • Soft-Tissue Therapy: Modern thulium fibre laser technology enables the use of techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue disorders, such as the control of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

Making New Shifts at Dr Ashish Saini’s with ThuFLEP treatment in Delhi

Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HoLEP) has been the method of choice due to the significant efficacy of holmium lasers. It enables extensive tissue removal from prostates of all sizes.
The ThuFLEP prostate surgery, which was recently added to the urological toolbox, may, however, cause a paradigm shift. The laser does not rupture tissues because TFL has identical average and peak strengths of 100W, resulting in a smooth and precise cut. This cutting-edge technology is being adopted at Excel Advanced Urology Centre by ThuFLEP doctor – Dr Ashish Saini, the best urologist in Delhi NCR to provide its customers with the utmost premium experience. Hurry up to book your appointments now before it’s too late.


Questions asked by new visitors​

For ThuFLEP treatment in Delhi, the typical cost charged by ThuFLEP doctors ranges according to size of the gland.

ThuFLEP treatment works on Prostatic hyperplasia-related intravesical blockage. When you look up for ThuFLEP Surgeon near Me, do ensure to check out Dr Ashish Saini at Excel Advanced Urology Centre who has gained quite the name for ThuFLEP treatment in Delhi.

Thulium Fiber Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (ThuFLEP) prostate cancer treatment allows for the effective treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms brought on by benign prostatic hyperplasia. The holmium: yttrium-aluminium-garnet (Ho: YAG) laser has been used for this minimally invasive treatment the longest and has received the most research. An alternative for the same that has been the recent buzz is – ThuFLEP surgery.

During a ThuFLEP prostate surgery done by a ThuFLEP doctor, from the bladder neck to the verumontanum, the incision is made at the five and seven o’clock positions and deepened till the capsule. It is then joined, defining the capsule over the whole length. After that, the median lobe is separated and forced into the bladder.

The ThuFLEP surgery usually requires a 1 to 2-day hospital stay as suggested by the ThuFLEP doctor.


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