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circumcision surgery in delhi

Dr. Ashish Saini, the best sexologist in Delhi NCR provides the highly advanced treatment for Circumcision surgery and Frenulum Tear.

Dr Ashish Saini is the Best Sexologist in Delhi and the best Urologist in Delhi NCR. A Gold Medalist from AIIMS New Delhi, he has to his name various complex Urological and Sexology related surgeries done in large numbers in his 12+ years of experience. He has been awarded several times for his outstanding work done in his journey till now. Dr Ashish Saini did his MBBS from India’s Prestigious medical college – King George Medical College (KGMC) Lucknow. Post MBBS completion, he completed his MCh in Urology from India’s Best Medical College – All India Medical Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi. Dr Ashish Saini has successfully completed 5200+ Urology and Sexology Surgeries. His patients are from all over the country and the world. Dr Ashish Saini is clearly the Best Sexologist and Urologist in Delhi, NCR and India because of his vast and versatile experience in the field of Urology and Sexology.

About Circumcision Surgery and Frenulum Tear

Circumcision Surgery in Delhi

The circumcision procedure is the removal of the foreskin from the human penis. Circumcision was performed in central Asia from 1865- 18720. Male circumcision reduces the risk of HIV infection among heterosexual men consequently, the world health organisation ( WHO) recommends consideration of circumcision as a part of HIV prevention in areas with high rates of HIV. There is strong evidence that circumcision reduces the risk of HIV in areas of the world with the high rates of HIV evidenced among heterosexual men decreasing by 1.8% and in this population studies rate is cost-effective.

Frenulum Tear Treatment

The frenulum is a cord-like structure that connects the foreskin with the glans penis. The frenulum tear makes the frenulum more rigid. Basically, a tight or short frenulum gives rise to a frenulum tear. This frenulum tear treatment is called frenuloplasty.

Frenuloplasty Procedure

Local anaesthesia is given to the patient and the area is sterilized. After that, a small cut is made on the frenulum by laser/knife and it is pulled back in the desired shape. The tissue is spread apart in a diamond shape in most cases to ensure perfect function. This area is then stitched. The patient is then sent to the recovery room. This is how penile frenulum tear treatment is done.

Types of Frenuloplasty Stitches

  • Laser
  • Z- plasty
  • Diamond shaped frenuloplasty
  • VY frenuloplasty
  • Stitchless Frenuloplasty (done by laser and surgical glue is applied)

Benefits of Frenuloplasty

  • No more torn frenulum anymore
  • No pain while sex or urination
  • Resume normal sexual activity within 2-3 weeks
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ZSR Circumcision Surgery in Delhi

ZSR CIRCUMCISION is done under anesthesia which can be general regional or local. This procedure is rapid painless causes only little bleeding. It works by folding the foreskin back over the first rubber ring. Sexual intercourse should be ignore for further 3 weeks until full recovery takes place ZSR is considered to be safe procedure but like just another procedure. You can get the best circumcision surgery in Delhi by consulting Dr Ashish Saini who is among the top sexologist and Urologist in Delhi


Stapler Circumcision(ZSR) Surgery in Delhi

Stapler Circumcision(ZSR) Surgery in Delhi

The procedure of Stapler Circumcision Surgery

The patient is given penile block anaesthesia to ensure a painless and comfortable experience. The size of the circumcision area is measured by a measuring scale. We have seven different sizes of staplers from pediatric to adult circumcision. The models are numbered 13,15,17 for children and 22,25,29,34 for adults. Once the correct size is determined then the stapler is applied to the penis area which cuts as well as seals the skin. This stapler procedure has made circumcision surgery a matter of a few minutes only. Less bleeding and perfect patient recovery.

Benefits of Stapler Circumcision Surgery

  • Less bleeding
  • Faster recovery
  • Perfect margins
  • Painless procedure
  • No Scar formation
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Questions asked by new visitors​

It usually takes at least 10 days for your penis to heal after circumcision. You’ll probably be advised to take at least 1 week off work to recover.

Usually, the process lasts ten minutes. Both adults and older boys can get circumcised. When surgery is performed later in life, it may be necessary to use general anaesthesia, recovery may take longer, and there may be a higher risk of complications.

Laser circumcision surgery can cost according to your condition. It can range from around Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 1,00,000.

The average cost of stapler circumcision ranges from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 55,000 in India.

No, there are no negative effects at all.

Local, General or epidural anesthesia is given.

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