Lasting Performance: Treatments and Solutions for Premature Ejaculation

July 2, 2024

Urology, Men's Health

Lasting Performance: Treatments and Solutions for Premature Ejaculation Lasting Performance: Treatments and Solutions for Premature Ejaculation
Having a good sexual life is highly dependent on how much your partner is satisfied. But if you are facing the issue of premature ejaculation, then this might be causing a roadblock in your sexual life. In fact, this is a problem that affects around 30-40% of men. This is where knowing the premature ejaculation treatment options becomes even more important. While this is a sexual dysfunction, it can also have other issues physical, emotional, psychological, and chemical balance problems as well. But is it treatable? Well, yes, there are treatments available for premature ejaculation which can help you get rid of the issue. But before we explore premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi and worldwide, let us explore the basic concept in brief over here.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature Ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction in males where the semen is released sooner than expected by him or his partner. It usually happens before or in no time after the penetration occurs. At the same time, this is not a big issue but can be a cause of frustration, which can make the sexual life less enjoyable. As per the American Urological Association, one of the most common types of sexual dysfunction in men is premature ejaculation. Now, with this being the case, it is even important to know the causes to get the appropriate premature ejaculation treatment. Major Causes of Premature ejaculation The main causes that you should know are as follows:
  • Erectile dysfunction diagnosis
  • Problem with the oxytocin levels
  • Low levels of serotonin or dopamine
  • Extra sensitivity to stimulation in the penis
  • Emotional or psychological issues like performance anxiety, stress, depression
  • Relationship problems causing sexual issues
One of the most important to note about premature ejaculation is that there are no symptoms of it. The only way to identify this is by recording the time of ejaculation. If you are unable to delay your ejaculation for 3 minutes or more after the penetration, then this can be a sign of premature ejaculation condition.

Types of Premature Ejaculation

Based on the intensity of the condition, there are two types of premature ejaculation, which are as follows:
  • Lifelong Case

This is a case where you face premature ejaculation right from your first sexual experience. It occurs almost always and at all times.
  • Acquired Case

Here, premature ejaculation is developed after having successful sexual encounters. Now, this can be a reason for any one of the causes above. This means during the initial intercourse, there was no issue, but over time, the condition developed. Contrary to popular belief, both types have treatments available. Also, at times, people feel they have premature ejaculation, but it might not be the case always. It can be an early ejaculation, which is not a medical condition.

Diagnosis of Premature Ejaculation

Do you have premature ejaculation or not? Well, if this is the question that you are also looking for an answer then, its time to make an appointment with an urologist. He will start with the examination by asking about your intercourse or sexual experiences, which will be followed by questions to identify:
  • Tenure of the problem
  • Frequency of the problem
  • Last occurrence
  • Happens often or not
  • Trouble to maintain an erection
Based on this, the doctor can identify premature ejaculation. Now, another thing to note over here is that there are no tests for premature ejaculation. Now that the basic details are shared let us explore premature ejaculation treatment.

Premature Ejaculation Treatment

When it comes to premature ejaculation treatment options, the same can be divided into three major categories. Starting from providing the medicine to the therapies, the options allow the patient to not only get relief but to improve the premature ejaculation condition for better sexual experiences. Premature Ejaculation Treatment in Delhi - Dr ashish saini So, here are the most common premature ejaculation treatments in Delhi as well as around the globe that are available to patients:

1] Behavioral Therapy

This is the most common premature ejaculation treatment option. Under thi method, various therapies and training methods are adopted that help to train your brain in such a way that you can delay ejaculation. The main goal of behavioral therapies is to help you control your body and feeling to have better sexual experiences. Some of the common therapies used are as follows:
  • The Start and Stop Method

This is a method where you can stimulate the penis to the point of orgasm and then stop for, say, 30 seconds. This will help you regain control. It is advised that this method should be repeated 3-4 times before you orgasm and continue the same till you gain control.
  • The Squeeze Therapy

This is another method where you will stimulate the penis to the point of orgasm again but then will slowly squeeze the penis’ head for, say, 30 seconds to lose the erection. The idea is the same, which is to gain control, and again, you would need to continue this technique for a while.
  • Distracted Thinking

In this method, you are required to focus on the nonsexual things while you are being stimulated. It can be anything right from naming things or maybe recalling a list, as this will distract you and will delay the ejaculation time in the process.

2] Pelvic Floor Exercise

Another premature ejaculation treatment option is to go for the pelvic floor exercise. This exercise aims to make the pelvic floor muscle hard and delay the ejaculation. You can go for kegel exercises for this, and it is better if you maintain consistency. Ensure that you stay focused and perform the exercise for around 3-4 times a day in sets of 10 reparations every time.

3] Counseling

Sometimes, the cause of premature ejaculation can be resolved with the help of counseling only. If the cause of the situation is emotional or psychological, which is linked to some relationship trauma, then you can easily get a solution using counseling. This premature ejaculation treatment option can help you in various ways in your relationship. Just ensure you connect with a good sex therapist.

4] Medications

Last but not the least is to go for the medications. You can connect with a doctor who will prescribe you medicines that can help in managing the premature ejaculation issue to a great extent. Drugs, creams, and sprays are mostly used for this purpose. The drugs that are used for the include the following:
  • Topical numbing agents, which are gels, sprays, or creams, are used to reduce sensation and delay ejaculation.
  • Oral medicines like the use of antidepressants, pain relievers, and inhibitors can also prove to be really helpful.
But when you use the medications, there are chances of side effects as well. Some common ones include nausea, headache, sleepiness, and sometimes even dizziness.

5] Condoms

Another good option in terms of medication is to use condoms. Wearing a condom will offer a dull sensation, and this might reduce the chances of premature ejaculation. Additionally, having protected sex can save you from other diseases and STIs as well.


Premature ejaculation is not a serious condition and can be easily cured. However, it is important to follow the treatment process and have patience. Most of the time, premature ejaculation treatment is based on helping you with your emotions and developing better psychology. Hence, expecting quick results will be wrong. Also, if you are looking for premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi and worldwide, it is best that you visit a urologist first. The expert can help you with the diagnosis and offer solutions that offer quick and effective treatment. Remember, since there are no symptoms, you must go for regular checkups and connect with medical experts if you find a problem in ejaculation. FAQs on Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Is Premature Ejaculation Curable?

Yes, premature ejaculation can be cured easily by taking proper steps. Using behavioral therapies and adopting kegel exercises can help you get the cure soon.

Is It Possible to Avoid Premature Ejaculation?

Yes, you can avoid the problem of premature ejaculation. By seeking counseling and talking to your partner about any emotional issues, you can help a great deal. If needed, always seek medical expert support.

Can Premature Ejaculation Lead to Other Problems?

Yes, sometimes premature ejaculation can lead to other problems as well. The common ones include erectile dysfunction, thyroid-linked disease, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, and increased use of recreational drugs.

Are There Any Side Effects After Treatment?

The use of medicine in premature ejaculation treatment is quite low. This means the chances of side effects are lower. But you can still face issues like headache, nausea, and sometimes sleepiness, all of which are manageable.

What Are the Common Outcomes of Premature Ejaculation Treatment?

The common outcomes of premature ejaculation treatment include a better and healthier lifestyle. It also improves your sexual life and can help you regain the lost control as well.
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