Oral Medications as a Promising Solution for Peyronie’s Disease Treatment

June 30, 2024

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Oral Medications as a Promising Solution for Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Oral Medications as a Promising Solution for Peyronie’s Disease Treatment
Often surrounded by silence and discomfort, Peyronie disease is a condition that can turn a man’s life upside down. Why? Well, under this disease, you can experience pain even in something quite natural: erection. This is why knowing the causes as well as understanding Peyronie’s disease treatment process, is quite important. While many might think that only surgery is an option that can help you cure and get rid of the pain, it is not true. Recently, it has been observed that various oral medications can help with the cure without going for any kind of invasive treatment. This is a true achievement in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease. Well, to gain a better idea and understand what Peyronie’s disease and its treatment are all about, let us explore this guide. 

Understanding Peyronie’s Disease

For many of you, this might be a new term, a disease that is quite less or never heard of. In fact, as per the research, only 1 out of 100 people have this disease, and this might be the primary reason that you have not heard of it.  Additionally, this is more common in male who have crossed their 50s. But this does not mean that others might not get it. Therefore, understanding this condition is important to seek help from the medical expert on time. Peyronie’s disease is a medical condition and can be explained as a case where fibrous scar tissue develops inside the penis. Because of this tissue, the patient can face a significant curvature in the shape of the penis as well as pain during erection.  It is important to note that the level of pain during intercourse will vary based on the bending or curvature. This makes understanding Peyronie’s disease treatment options that can not only help ease the pain but also work towards curing. This is one of the diseases which is rarely cured on its own. This is why taking the right treatment for Peyronie’s disease becomes even more important. But before exploring the treatment options, its quite vital to know the symptoms and stage.

Stages of Peyronie’s Disease

Generally, Peyronie’s disease is divided into 2 stages, which are acute and chronic. Based on your stage, the doctor decides Peyronie’s disease treatment. The details of the stages are as follows:
  • Acute Stage

The acute stage can last from 6 months to over a year and can extend upto 18 months in rare conditions. Under this, the scar tissue forms under the penis, which causes the bending or curving. There are chances that the scar tissue might grow in this stage. It can lead to deep pain when your penis is either flaccid or erect. 
  • Chronic Stage

The chronic stage is one where the scar is no longer growing, and the penis will not bend or curve anymore. The pain during the erection is usually not there during this stage. But there are chances of developing another condition known as erectile dysfunction in this phase.

Causes of Peyronie’s Disease

The main cause of Peyronie’s disease is an injury to the penis. This injury can be a result of an accident, sport, or even vigorous sex. It is not caused by STIs at all. The risk of having Peyronie’s disease increases because of the following reasons:
  • Being in vigorous nonsexual or sexual activities can cause micro-injuries
  • Due to the family disorder history
  • Having some kind of autoimmune disease
  • Because of age
  • Diabetes or erectile dysfunction
  • Getting prostate cancer treatment via surgery in the past

Symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease

Before you go for the Peyronie’s disease treatment, you must identify the main symptoms for which you are required to be treated. So, here are the common symptoms of the same:
  • The feeling of scar tissue under the penis
  • Reduced length of the penis
  • A large lump on either side of the penis
  • Decrease in the thickness of the penis, potentially resulting in an indented or hourglass appearance
  • Presence of hard lumps within the penis
  • Erections that cause discomfort or pain
  • Erections that are less firm than usual
  • Challenges during sexual intercourse
  • Discomfort or pain during sexual activity
Now that you know all the causes, symptoms, and stages, it is time to land on the major concern, which is the treatment for Peyronie’s disease.

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment and Diagnosis

When you visit a medical expert for Peyronie’s disease treatment, the doctor will devise the same with three main objectives.
  • Reduce the pain
  • Gain the straight or close-to-straight appearance of the penis
  • Have pain-free intercourse in the future
The diagnosis is usually based on the physical examination and some tests. Based on these, there are both invasive and non-invasive options of treatment for Peyronie’s disease. Both of the treatment options have shown promising results in managing the symptoms and helping patients with leading a better life. peyronie disease treatment in delhi - dr ashish saini The main types of Peyronie’s disease treatment options that are available are as follows:
  •  Oral Drugs 

Under this the medical expert will offer you various medications that can help in managing the symptoms of the disease. This is usually provided when the patient does not want to go under surgery and is in the acute stage. Some of the common medicines 
  • Penile Injections

Another treatment option is penile injections, wherein the drug is injected to bring down the pain. Injecting right into the scar tissue helps in direct impact and can improve the condition at a rapid pace.
  • Traction therapy

This is one of the most common treatments for Peyronie’s disease. Under this, an external device is used to slowly stretch the penis or even bend it in another direction. Doing so, the scar tissue is broken, but this is a long term treatment.
  • Surgery

Last but not the least is the surgery. In the case that Peyronie’s disease makes it impossible to have sex at all, then this option is usually suggested by the doctors. It is possible for either stage under the condition you have had no pain for 6-12 months. But of these Peyronie’s disease treatment options, the oral medication has recently gained a name due to its promising and long-lasting impact.

Oral Medications for Peyronie’s Disease: A Promising Solution

Oral medications have emerged as a promising solution for managing Peyronie’s disease. It offers a non-invasive Peyronie’s disease treatment option that many patients find appealing. These medications generally work by targeting the underlying processes that contribute to the disease:

1. Enzyme Inhibitors

These are designed to break down the fibrous scar tissue that causes penile curvature, potentially reducing the abnormal bending.

2. Anti-Inflammatory Agents

These medications help reduce inflammation around the scar tissue, which can decrease pain and prevent further progression of the condition.

3. Antioxidants

Some oral treatments include antioxidants that aim to reduce oxidative stress in penile tissues, which might help in slowing the fibrosis process.

4. Blood Flow Enhancers

These medications improve blood circulation to the penile area, promoting better overall penile health and potentially reducing symptoms of Peyronie’s disease. The primary benefits due to which Peyronie’s disease treatment via oral medication is now considered to be more promising and offering long-term benefits are as follows:
  • Have fewer risks and side effects
  • The recovery time is comparatively less.
  • Pills can be taken at home itself.
  • Since there is no surgery, so there is no recovery time.
  • Goo to be used with physical therapies or injections as well.
  • Can be started easily and managed too.
But while this is true, it is equally true that oral medication treatment for Peyronie’s disease is not a promise of cure. There might be a few cases that will be required to do some other therapy or surgery to ensure that the right treatment is delivered. 


Peyronie’s disease presents unique challenges not only to the patient but also to the medical expert. It is not a common disease, so knowing Peyronie’s disease treatment options is quite important.  There is no doubt that oral medications have emerged as a promising and popular treatment. But, it’s important to remember it can work on symptoms but can not be a cure-all solution in all cases.  So, if you are facing any symptoms linked to Peyronie’s disease or feeling any discomfort, it’s best to connect with the medical expert at the earliest. Getting regular check-ups and going for timely consultations can prevent the situation from becoming worse.   


What are the main benefits of using oral medications for Peyronie’s disease?

Oral medications offer a non-invasive treatment option with fewer risks and side effects. They are convenient, allowing patients to manage their treatment at home, and can be used in combination with other therapies.

How long does it take for oral medications to show results in Peyronie’s disease treatment?

The response time can vary widely among individuals. Some may notice improvements within a few months, while others might need longer.

Can oral medications cure Peyronie’s disease completely?

As of now, oral medication does not guarantee a complete cure in all cases. In some cases, it can help in just managing the symptoms, while in others it can help with the cure.

Are there any side effects associated with oral medications for Peyronie’s disease?

Like all medications, those used for Peyronie’s disease can have side effects. Common ones might include nausea, headache, or other minor issues. It’s crucial to understand potential side effects with a healthcare provider.

Do I need a prescription to get oral medications for Peyronie’s disease?

Yes, oral medications for Peyronie’s disease require a prescription from a healthcare professional. This ensures that you are using the medicines as needed.
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