All about Peyronie Disease by Dr Ashish Saini

peyronie disease treatment - dr ashish saini

Peyronie disease may be a noncancerous condition where segments of flat connective tissue form under the skin of the penis these segments cause the penis to bend during erection it is caused by minor penile injury this type of damage is most often caused by robust intercourse it can also be caused by sports or […]

What do the colors of your Period Blood mean?

period blood color meaning - dr ashish saini

Your period – It comes, it goes, it’s light, it’s heavy but have you ever ever noticed that sometimes it’s changing color from – crimson red to light pink to brown? what’s that each one about? Period blood Is also called menorrhea or menses. How it will rely on your change day to day during […]

How to measure your cervix length for Vaginal Cups?

vaginal cups facts

Women have unique health issues and some of the health issues impact both men and women differently but there are a few issues like pregnancy, menopause, bone density, breast cancer, cervical cancer, and other conditions of female organs. Keep reading to know more about how to insert or remove a vaginal cup, how to clean […]

Does Male Menopause exist?

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Women don’t seem to be only the ones that suffer from the effect of fixing in hormones and aging still produces effects within the figure we have all heard of female menopause which is crucial a component of female anatomy but, we have not heard of male menopause such a large amount of questions comes […]

Phimosis:- Causes and Factors that lead to a Tight Foreskin

Phimosis:- Causes and Factors that lead to a Tight Foreskin

Females only don’t seem to suffer health-related issues like mensuration, cervical cancer, uterus cancer, and many more health problems approximately 60% of males suffer many health issues they intimated while sharing about their sexual issues we should also remember that each child develops at a different speed and in many different ways. So in this […]

Menstruation and Indian Culture

menstruation myths

My period, My proud She bleed, she is unsafe , she is untouchable, her menstrual blood is impure but the irony is it is the same blood that pileup in different body to hold them for so long nine months. There are many cultural aspects surrounding how societies view menstruation. menses, periods, dates, monthly problems, etc. […]

Kidney Stones and Summer – Are they related?

kidney stones treatment by dr ashish saini

Kidney stones are small crystallized salts and minerals that could form in our kidneys due to varying reasons from low hydration to lost electrolytes, to simply increased levels of stress and mismanaged dietary habits. Its pain is one of the many painful problems that could ruin summer fun. Kidney stone laser treatment is really necessary […]

Why do we switch from Sanitary Pads to Tampons?

sanitary pad and tampons difference

Pads and Tampons are among some of the very popularly used sanitary products for the management of period blood, and during the menstruation days what is more useful is the proper management of hygiene and body with mindful use of sanitary products. Period demands hygiene, care and cleanliness. Which to pick, Sanitary Pads or Tampons? […]

Circumcision – How does it work?

circumcision treatment - dr ashish saini

Circumcision is the process of surgically removing the skin covering the tip of the penis. It is a common procedure among many cultures all across the globe and involves little to no complications if performed with the required precautions. It is common for this procedure to be performed on newborns in many cultures and for […]