Kidney Stone Treatment | All you need to know

October 29, 2022


Kidney Stone Treatment | All you need to know Kidney Stone Treatment | All you need to know

What are Kidney Stones?

Ever wondered about how kidney stones developed? Let’s find it together! Kidney stones are actually hard deposits of minerals and acid salts that stay back in the kidney because when a human body has too much waste but not enough fluid in the blood then the waste holds back and forms a hard substance known as a kidney stone.

Let’s Talk more about Kidney Stone Treatment in this blog.

What are the causes of kidney stones?

There is no particular or specific reason that can cause kidney stones but a person might have a chance of getting kidney stones if: 

  • They don’t drink enough water
  • They have had gastric by-pass surgery
  • They are over-weight
  • They follow a diet high in protein, sodium and sugar

Apart from the above reasons, there are also chances of getting kidney stones if a family member had kidney stones previously. Although there are various treatments for kidney stones, you must consult a urologist to get the best treatment.

Symptoms of Kidney Stones

Even though kidney stones are common and can happen to anybody, they are very painful. Some minor types of kidney stones don’t require treatment as they dissolve or pass on their own but a person who is dealing with the major type of kidney stone will have to consult a doctor to treat the kidney stone. Below are the most common symptoms of kidney stones: 

  • Pain in the back or belly
  • Pain or burning while urination
  • Vomiting 
  • Smelly Urine
  • Bleeding while urinating

Types of Kidney Stones

There are majorly 4 types of kidney stones, based on diet and family history one can develop certain types of kidney stones.

1. Calcium Stones

These are the most common type of kidney stones that can be found in people majorly. It is developed by calcium and oxalate. 

2. Struvite Stones

These types of kidney stones are formed because of urinary tract infections. These stones are believed to be more harmful as they grow huge in size very quickly and if kept untreated then they can lead to kidney failure. 

3. Uric Acid Stones 

Uric acid stones are most often found in people who do not drink enough water or have a diet high in protein. Certain genetic factors can also be one of the reasons for uric acid stones. 

4. Cystine Stones 

These stones are most often formed in people with a hereditary disorder called cystinuria which causes the kidneys to excrete too much amino acid.

Kidney Stone Laser Treatment

Laser Kidney stone removal is one of the best treatments to eliminate kidney stones. This surgery is minimally invasive and requires zero incisions. Once the patient is asleep, the surgeon places a ureteroscope into the urethra and bladder to find out the kidney stone and later it is removed by making small pieces of it. To know in detail about Kidney stone laser treatment, contact one of the best urologists in Delhi, Dr Ashish Saini at +91 96434 38106.

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