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Treasure Your Urinary Health by knowing Urology Facts With These Golden rules  Like a child, your urinary system which runs from the kidneys to the urethra, is continually adjusting to changes, not just in age but in our environment. And to your urology system, that environment is determined by everything that enters your body, as well as your activities. Maintaining good urinary health can be achieved by knowing urology facts and doing what we were told to do as children.


The General goals and urology facts for healthy living haven’t changed since we were kids: eat lots of fruits and veggies, drink plenty of water, get some exercise, and sleep so your body can regenerate. There is no milestone year that alters these living-well principles. The more consistently we practice them, the better our bodies should perform every function, from climbing stairs to urinating regularly.

Well-being requires inhabitants to hold on to the joy in medicine while managing their own real-life stresses.  We value our residents’ well-being as a critical component of their training and education.  Our treatment is motivated to mitigate burnout among urology trainees, help them deliver better care for our patients, and make meaningful contributions as leaders in the field of urology.  Urology has been cited as having the highest burnout and lowest satisfaction with work-life balance among other medical specialities.  These statistics include our urology trainees in recent literature.  Our goal is to address these concerns by offering residents the tools required to achieve professional and personal success.

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Diet is very influential in the well-being of the urinary system and reproductive organs, and for your long-term urological health. Here are some helpful tips for maintaining optimum urological health -:


 Do you think kids are picky eaters? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends adults get 3.5 to five servings of fruits and veggies a day. On our hit list: pears, berries, bananas, carrots, and squash for a healthier bladder; and bananas, berries (especially cranberries), and probiotic-rich pickles to ease urinary tract infections. Because of their high water and fibre content, fruits and vegetables fill you up and can prevent overeating. Unhealthy weight can contribute to a range of urinary issues, from kidney cancer to pelvic diaphragm weakness.


The body needs water to flush out bacteria and other waste from the bloodstream, as well as to keep blood vessels inflate to nourish your organs. This helps to prevent kidney or bladder stones from developing and reduces the bacterial buildup that can cause urinary tract infections and prostate infections. Further, good hydration improves blood flow, which is good for men’s sexual health because blood flow is necessary to keep an erection. Adults should drink half an ounce to one full ounce of water for every pound they consider.


 Physical activities that improve the body’s core think stronger abdominal and chest muscles and an elongated spine aid the bladder by reducing pressure on it. This in turn can prevent incontinence or reduce its symptoms. Exercise also improves blood flow, which is good for sexual activity. Many men develop erectile dysfunction as a result of heart disease, obesity, and/or diabetes all of which result from compromised blood flow.


 Lack of sleep is a common but often overlooked contributor to urinary ailments. Here’s the thing: While you sleep, your body repairs itself from the wear of the day. As adults, sleep improves overall health and urology facts including our brain function, which plays a key role in telling the body when to release urine and waste. Research also has linked sleep deprivation to erectile dysfunction and low testosterone levels.

New Year, New You.” This is a phrase used often around this time of year. With the beginning of a new calendar year, many people choose to make goals to improve their lives and their health and execute urology facts over the coming months. What many people fail to realize, however, is that sometimes these resolutions do more harm than good. Here are four ways your new year’s health initiatives and urology facts could actually damage your health.

1. You over-exercise without proper hydration.

Exercising is a wonderful way to care for your body and improve your health. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the full toll working out can take on your body if you don’t already exercise regularly

2. You work out in too-tight clothing. 

Choosing a new workout outfit can be great motivation for some to get moving, but you should be conscious of the fabrics and the fits that you choose. Studies have shown that working up a sweat in tight-fitting, non-breathable clothing will trap moisture and cause bacteria to grow.

3. You choose an extreme crash diet. 

Observing what you eat is a great way to lose weight; drastically slashing calories is not. When you over-restrict calories, you cause stress on your gall bladder and drop cholesterol, which could lead to gallstones.

4. Diets are so tricky because each person is so unique.

We all have different nutritional requirements based on our height, weight, activity level, and medical history, so in many cases, a healthy diet and wrong information about urology facts could actually damage your health if you don’t do your research. Anyone with a history of diabetes or insulin resistance should be very careful about diets that require you to manipulate the number of carbs that you eat because an insufficient or highly irregular intake of carbs could wreak devastation on your insulin levels.

Share The Health

One other important goal for healthy living and urology facts also hasn’t changed since we were kids: Share with others. If a friend or loved one shows symptoms of urinary health issues, share with them the importance of seeing a urologist.

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1. What causes Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)?

UTIs are caused by microorganism usually bacteria that enters in urethra bladder and kidney causing infection and inflammation.

2. How to maintain a healthy urinary system?

Cut your caffeine, drink plenty of water, urinate after sex, do some pelvic diaphragm exercise, and healthy diet.

3. What causes male infertility?

Male infertility is caused by sperm blockage, chronic illness, and other lifestyle factors.

4. Is UTI dangerous?

Yes, because it happens when it affects the bladder. If you do not treat a bladder infection, it may turn into a kidney infection, which can then result in a more serious infection that’s moved into the bloodstream.

5. What causes male sexual dysfunction?

Diabetes or surgery, drug abuse, high blood pressure, Alcoholism, smoking.

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