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Varicocele Treatment Procedure

Enlargement or Swelling in the veins of the scrotum is known as varicocele. Varicocele can lead to many fertility-related issues in males, such as low sperm count, quality, and infertility. Varicocele happens due to some unknown reasons, but some risk factors of varicocele are long-standing hours and defects in the valves of genital veins. It’s suggestive to get the varicocele treatment at an early stage only.

People who suffer from Varicoceles

Anyone with testicles at any age is susceptible to varicoceles. Many cases, in the opinion of medical professionals, are congenital (present at birth). People frequently become aware of a varicocele while they are teenagers. Medical professionals believe that puberty, when blood flow to the genitals increases, is the cause of this timing. The varicocele might occasionally hinder a testicle’s ability to develop normally.

Causes of Varicoceles

It’s possible that specific veins in the spermatic cord, a band of tissues that maintains the testicles in place, have a malfunctioning “switch” (or valve) that causes varicoceles to form.

Blood is transported by these veins from the testicles to the rest of the body. Acting as an “on/off switch,” the valve. Excess blood may accumulate inside testicular veins when a valve doesn’t function as it should. Veins swell as a result of this failure over time.

Symptoms of Varicocele

It is not necessary for varicocele to produce any symptoms. Some symptoms that may appear are as follows –

  • Pain in the testicles that vary from sharp pain to mild constant dull pain
  • Testes size may reduce with time if a varicocele is left untreated
  • Pain increases with long-standing and exertion
  • This can lead to low sperm count 
  • May lead to infertility
  • It can even cause erectile dysfunction (ED)

Male infertility getting affected by Varicoceles

Some people with varicoceles experience decreased male fertility. However, many people with varicoceles don’t have any issues getting pregnant.

The precise contribution that varicoceles make to male infertility is unclear to medical professionals. It’s likely that blood clotting in veins causes temperature variations inside the scrotum. This greater temperature may have an impact on sperm production or count.

Most of the patients also don’t know about male infertility unspoken truths. Speak with your healthcare practitioner if you think infertility may be a problem for you. The main reason patients seek treatment for varicoceles is infertility issues. 

Varicocele treatment following surgery

Varicocele surgery can be done in a variety of methods. All entail stopping the pampiniform plexus veins’ ability to carry blood. Surgery is performed when completely unconscious. The two most typical procedures are:

The physician makes a 1 cm incision above the scrotum using the microscopic varicocelectomy method. The surgeon avoids the testicular artery, lymphatic drainage, and vas deferens while tying off every little vein with the microscope. The patient is discharged from the hospital the same day after the 2 to 3-hour procedure.

With the laparoscopic varicocelectomy method, the surgeon inserts tiny tubes into the belly and ties veins. This process is quicker and lasts for 30 to 40 minutes.

MVL – The Best Treatment for Varicocele

MVL, also known as sublingual Microscopic Varicocele ligation (Goldstein Approach) is the best treatment for varicocele in men. It helps in faster recovery and low recurrence. The veins are ligated under microscopic vision. After that, the patient is sent to the recovery room and then discharged.

Benefits from Varicocele Treatment

  • The chances of making your partner pregnant increase many folds
  • Sperm Motility increase
  • Sperm count improves
  • Overall male infertility treatment is given 
  • The cosmetic appearance of varicocele improves dramatically after the healing process is over.

Dr Ashish Saini for Varicocele Laser Treatment

At excel advanced urology center, Dr Ashish Saini is the best andrologist in Delhi who has hands-on experience with efficient procedures paired with good varicocele treatment costs.

You can find out about Dr Ashish Saini while searching for a urologist near me for the best varicocele treatment; he will guide you with all of your issues and questions like varicocele surgery recovery time, varicocele surgery cost, etc.


Questions asked by new visitors

Dr Ashish Saini is an expert in varicocele surgery with over 18 years of experience. He offers personalized treatment plans and uses advanced surgical techniques. Patients praise his compassionate care and successful outcomes.

The veins in the area of the scrotum directly above the testicles where varicoceles develop are thought to have faulty valves. These valves typically control the blood flow to and from the testicles. When the blood doesn’t flow normally, the veins widen because of the blood buildup (enlarge) leading one to get varicocele treatment.

Additionally, after varicocele treatment surgery, ED in every case showed improvement. Microscopic varicocelectomy improved erectile performance and raised serum testosterone levels in our clinical cases, and these changes persisted for the full 60-month follow-up period.

The typical varicocele treatment surgery cost of surgically treating varicocele ranges from about Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 85,000.

By sewing or clipping the vein shut, your surgeon can block the flow of blood through the testicular vein (ligation). Today, two methods for varicocele treatment are frequently applied. Both are outpatient operations that need general anesthesia and normally let you return home the same day.

A varicocele’s precise cause is uncertain for one to get varicocele treatment. The veins’ internal valves, which are meant to keep blood flowing in the appropriate direction, may be a contributing factor. Additionally, the left testicular vein has a little different course than the right vein, which increases the likelihood of a blood flow issue on the left.


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