Psychological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction: Is it all in your Head?

January 13, 2023


Psychological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction: Is it all in your Head? Psychological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction: Is it all in your Head?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects men of all ages, despite the misconception that it is an issue only experienced by elderly men. In fact, according to some studies, men under the age of 40 accounts for about 26% of all new ED cases. Men should know what is the latest treatment for erectile dysfunction as there are numerous psychological factors that affect the same. Health conditions including heart disease, atherosclerosis (clogged arteries), diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or hypertension are frequently to blame in older men (high blood pressure).

What about healthy, young males, though? Is there a medical explanation for this problem or sudden impotency in younger men who are not suffering from cardiovascular disease or other major health problems? You will be surprised to learn that psychological issues play a big role in impotence for many guys.

The definition of erectile dysfunction and the psychological elements that contribute to its emergence is discussed here in this article Additionally, Excel Advanced Urology Centre discusses what is the latest treatment for erectile dysfunction and having a happy, satisfied sexual life with the guidance of Dr Ashish Saini, one of the best sexologists/urologists in Delhi NCR.

Psychological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in the 30s

The detection, diagnosis, and treatment of psychological causes of erectile dysfunction in the 30s are more difficult. The following are some of the most typical psychological factors that lead to ED and can be overcome by following erectile dysfunction exercises are as follows:

  • Generalised anxiety or anxiety relating to sex in particular
  • Apprehension, sexual failure, or inadequate performance
  • Remorse over having a sexual relationship
  • Stress related to sex or ongoing stress brought on by other problems
  • Depression and other psychiatric conditions
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Excessive pornographic viewing
  • A low sense of self is also one of the causes of erectile dysfunction in the 30s 

Antidepressants, for example, which is sometimes prescribed to address psychiatric problems, might also contribute to the onset of causes of erectile dysfunction in the 30s. Since several of these triggers are connected, it’s completely likely that you could experience the effects of one or more of them simultaneously. Men’s chance of developing impotence can undoubtedly be raised by specific foods that cause erectile dysfunction.

It is important to note that erectile dysfunction exercises can be really helpful on the other hand. Let’s examine each potential reason in more detail to learn how it might contribute to the emergence of causes of erectile dysfunction in the 30s.

what is the latest treatment for erectile dysfunction?
  1. Anxiety and stress

Despite the fact that stress and anxiety are two distinct conditions, Stress and ED are nonetheless closely tied.

This problem frequently has underlying causes that include stress. However, tension can eventually lead to anxiety, which in turn increases stress. This vicious cycle is detrimental to both your mental health and your sex life.

While a psychogenic erection is brought on by a particular visual or mental image, a reflexive erection is brought on by a physical stimulus. An erection that takes place while you’re sleeping is known as a nocturnal erection. Each of these three involves a different set of physiological processes, such as those involving hormones, muscles, blood vessels, the neurological system, and emotions. ED may be brought on by or contributed to by the compromise of any of these systems.

  1. Relationship difficulties

A healthy relationship takes work to develop and keep up. To genuinely know and trust someone, it takes time. It’s possible that problems in your romantic relationship could affect how you and your partner interact sexually.

Another one of the causes of erectile dysfunction in the 30s is that ED itself is causing issues in your relationship. This is just one example of how the cycle of ED can negatively impact many different areas of your life.

The first step in addressing these specific Psychological factors causing ED is communication, but it’s also one of the trickiest. Participating in counselling with Dr Ashish Saini may assist you in better understanding each other’s needs and strengthening your relationship if you and your partner have trouble communicating.

  1. Depression and ED

If you haven’t personally dealt with depression, you could imagine it to be similar to melancholy. Clinically, it goes far further than that. Depression has a similar effect to an anchor, dragging you down mentally and physically and interfering with practically every part of your life, adding to one more cause of erectile dysfunction in the 30s. The following are some of the most typical signs of Depression and ED:

  • Constant sadness and emptiness
  • Feelings of worry, pessimism, or despair about your lot in life
  • Decreased passion for your hobbies and interests
  • Feelings of guilt or worthlessness
  • Slowed speech or movement
  • A change in your body weight or appetite
  • Oversleeping or having difficulties falling asleep
  • Inability to concentrate, retain details, or decide
  • Aches, pains, and stomach problems without a known cause
  • Suicidal ideas and actions
  1. Performance phobia

In many instances, performance anxiety turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy where you worry that you won’t be able to please your spouse. Your anxiety may carry over into the bedroom and contribute to impotency. Negative self-talk, such as fears about being able to get an erection, win over your partner, or refrain from ejaculating too soon, can sometimes be the cause of performance anxiety. If you’ve had trouble getting an erection in the past, those instances can still be fresh in your memory and interfere with your ability to unwind in bed.

  1. Guilt and low confidence

Many impotent males feel bad about being unable to appease their partner. Guilt can often contribute to the continued cycle of ED if the problem continues to worsen, so it becomes more serious than just a small problem. Shame and guilt are prevalent emotions that are frequently connected to mental health problems, such as severe depression. In actuality, guilt feelings are a typical sign of Depression and ED.

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction in the 30s may also be influenced by low self-esteem. Your likelihood of having problems with your sexual performance may increase if you are insecure about it or worry that your partner won’t find you attractive enough. Low self-esteem and problems with sexual performance frequently exacerbate each other, just like many other Psychological factors causing ED.

Impotency can give men substantial distress, and this distress can have a genuine effect on self-esteem and the quality of relationships, according to a study published. Although the connection between erectile function and sadness, anxiety, and self-esteem is complicated, it nevertheless exists.

  1. Use of Pornography

While viewing pornography isn’t necessarily wrong or harmful, it can have a detrimental effect on your sexual function and erectile health. According to research, regularly watching and masturbating to pornography may lead you to have inflated expectations of your sexual experiences and partners. It’s called porn-induced impotency when which makes it harder for you to maintain a hard-on.

Despite the paucity of data, watching and masturbating to porn may lessen your degree of sexual enjoyment by causing “death grip syndrome,” which is a lack of sensitivity that can result from masturbating with an excessively hard grasp. Your capacity for function and ability to enjoy real-world sex may be impacted by this complication of death grip syndrome and porn-induced ED.

Foods that cause Erectile Dysfunction

According to studies and while discussing what is the latest treatment for erectile dysfunction by doctors, what you eat greatly affects both your general and sexual health. So, you should be aware that there are some foods that cause erectile dysfunction. Here is a list:

  • Dairy
  • Meat
  • Alcohol
  • Fried Food
  • Soy
  • Flaxseed
  • Canned or plastic food

Consuming the recommended serving sizes of fruit, vegetables, and whole grain products can all help lower the risk of the erectile problems. A Mediterranean diet, which emphasises plenty of fresh produce and olive oil rather than butter or lard, can also help prevent or treat this problem.

It’s crucial to remember that erectile dysfunction may be a symptom of another ailment or health problem. Please schedule an appointment with urologist in Delhi – Dr Ashish Saini to explore this if you experience erectile dysfunction despite altering foods that cause erectile dysfunction and following lifestyle modifications, or visit Excel Advanced Urology Centre for a consultation to gain a better knowledge of the problems.

What is the latest treatment for Erectile Dysfunction? 

Medication is not often used to address causes of erectile dysfunction in the 30s. The mainstays of Psychological factors causing ED treatment include cognitive and behavioural strategies to lower anxiety, confront false beliefs, increase sexual stimulation, stop sexual avoidance, and improve intimacy and communication in a relationship.

There are various kinds of erectile dysfunction exercises like kegel exercise, knee fallouts, supine foot raises, etc. that helps one overcome ED. Erectile dysfunction exercises provide long-term relief in comparison to medications. If the following abovementioned is paired with avoiding foods that cause erectile dysfunction, it is noted that the people suffering from ED have seen better results. 

Numerous of the Psychological factors causing ED mentioned above call for counselling, endurance, and time. Together, you and your doctor can decide on the most appropriate course of action.

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Prioritize your sexual health with Dr Ashish Saini

Psychological factors causing ED can have an impact on your physical and mental well-being. Your sexual function may be significantly impacted by depression, anxiety, and Stress and ED might occur as a consequence. Consult Dr Ashish Saini at Excel Advanced Urology Centre if you are dealing with both ED (caused by other factors) and Psychological factors causing ED.

You can restore your sexual health to normal by working with Dr Saini who also provides the erectile dysfunction treatment in delhi to identify the problem and get the best course of action, out of which erectile dysfunction exercises will be a must. He has answered many questions on what is the latest treatment for erectile dysfunction that has helped a lot of his patients and has earned him blind trust.


1. What is the latest treatment for erectile dysfunction?

The latest treatment followed by erectile dysfunction doctors includes oral drugs, vacuum erection devices, and even surgical procedures to repair damage to the tissue of your penis that can make achieving and sustaining an erection challenging are currently the most recent ED therapy options.

2. How do I know if my erectile dysfunction is psychological?

You’ll need a strip of four to six postage stamps to complete the NPT test. Following that, your penis should fit through the fly front. Keep the pubic hair contained and out of the way within your underwear. Circumscribe your penis using the gadget. Put the gadget on, then softly tuck your penis inside your underwear. If you have trouble understanding the procedure to do the same, you can also talk to your doctor for assistance. 

3. Does covid cause erectile dysfunction?

As per the doctors, yes covid can be one of the causes of erectile dysfunction in the 30s according to researchers. When someone has COVID-19, they could feel worn out and perhaps even a little melancholy, which could affect their ability to an erection.

4. Does smoking cause erectile dysfunction?

Smoking cigarettes is a known independent risk factor for the development of erectile dysfunction and can also cause cardiovascular dysfunction. According to studies, males who smoked more than 20 cigarettes per day had a 60% higher chance of impotency than men who never smoked.

5. Will my psychological ED go away?

With time, Psychological factors causing ED usually fades away, especially with the help of Erectile dysfunction exercises. Speak with your erectile dysfunction doctor about treatment choices if you have an ED that won’t go away.

6. Are ED exercises helpful?

Erectile dysfunction exercises for the pelvis, such as Kegels, should be utilised as the first line of treatment for erectile dysfunction because they have been shown to be successful.

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