All about Vasectomy Reversal

October 29, 2022


All about Vasectomy Reversal All about Vasectomy Reversal

What is vasectomy reversal?

Vasectomy reversal is a process of undoing the vasectomy. During this process, a surgeon connects each tube that carries sperm from the testicles into the semen. It may be reversible 20 years or longer after the initial procedure.

It is a surgery in which a surgeon cuts the vas deferens. It blocks sperm from premature ejaculating from the penis semen still exists, but there is no sperm in it. How do you prepare for this procedure?1. Vasectomy reversal can be expensive and your insurance cannot cover so find out your cost before surgery.2. This procedure is only getting successful when performed by well practitioners and surgeons who use surgical microscopes.

When choosing a surgeon don’t be afraid to ask how many vasectomy reversals he has done the type of techniques he used and how often the vasectomy reversal resulted in pregnancy.

How effective is this procedure?

Sperm starts appearing again in semen after a few months of vasectomy reversal and it increases the chances of one’s partner pregnant you may need to wait for one year or longer before sperm starts appearing again.

Your chances of making your partner pregnant again are 30-70%. You’re successful vasectomy is lower if it has been 10 years since the reversal is done.

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Vasectomy: Risks, success rates one must know –

  1. Bleeding in the scrotum 2. Infection 3. Chronic pain4. Failure to achieve pregnancy5. Inadequate sperm count


You have many questions but one foremost in your mind is “, does it work”?If you had your vasectomy 10 years ago that you be able to produce sperm in your ejaculate again but if you had a reversal after 15 years then your success rate is lower. Current studies of vasectomy reversal show an increase in success. The success rate depends in part on what the surgeon finds during the procedure.

Is it possible to get pregnant after this procedure?

Your chance of getting your partner pregnant increases after getting a vasectomy reversal Having a low sperm count can make it difficult to get your partner pregnant. A sperm count between 15 to 200 million for every millilitre is considered to be normal Not having sperm present in your semen is called azoospermia.

What is recovery like for this procedure?

You should go home after a few hours of surgery Once you go back home one must take care of the area where the procedure was performed –1. Doesn’t get that area wet for a few days after surgery.2. Don’t do any physical activity.3. Wear tight underwear.4. Don’t have sex after a few days of surgery.

Vasectomy Reversal treatment - dr ashish saini

How is this procedure done?

During surgery, your doctor will make a small cut on your scrotum which will open the tube that carries sperm. After opening the tube surgeons will examine the fluid when sperm is present in the fluid at the ends of the vas, deference will reestablish the passway of the sperm. Immediately after the surgery, your doctor will cover it with bandages and you’ll put on tightening undergarments like athletic supporters. After you return home take it easy and try not to move or do any kind of physical activity which can affect your testicles.

What you can expect?

Take your history and perform an exam – Your doctor wants to make sure that you don’t have any health concerns before the surgery.

Check to see whether you can produce healthy sperm – After your vasectomy, your testicles continue to produce sperm but its amount gets decreased due to age diet, and other factors. To be sure your doctor must need to check your sperm production before surgery.

Make sure that your partner is able to have a child – The doctor wants to see if your partner has any fertility problems if your partner is older than 40years that it may require gynecologist tests and some exams.

Results –

Sometimes after surgery, your doctor will examine semen under a microscope to see whether the operation was successful.Your doctor needs to examine your sperm periodically until you made your partner pregnant check your semen for sperm is the way to tell that the vasectomy reversal was successful. After surgery for achieving the pregnancy, sperm may appear in the semen within a few weeks or it can take longer it depending on various factors including the number and quality of sperm.

If your vasectomy reversal doesn’t work?

Your vasectomy reversal might fail if there is an underlying issue some men may need second-time surgery if the procedure doesn’t work first-time success rate gets lower for the 2nd time from the initial attempt. You may also

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