Urinary Bladder Cancer Treatment in Delhi

October 29, 2022


Urinary Bladder Cancer Treatment in Delhi Urinary Bladder Cancer Treatment in Delhi

The urinary Bladder is the reservoir of urine, it is connected to the kidneys. Kidneys filter the blood and send the urine to the urinary bladder. The bladder then helps in urination by opening its valve when required. Urinary bladder cancer is a fatal disease and Dr Ashish Saini is known for the best urinary bladder cancer treatment in Delhi. The malignant tumour in the urinary bladder is the reason for bladder cancer. In this article, you will find all the causes, symptoms, and treatments for urinary bladder cancer in Delhi. 

People prone to Bladder Cancer 

  • Senior citizens 
  • Smokers
  • People working in aromatic mines 
  • Exposure to dyes, the leather industry, chemicals, and metals, etc increases the risk of bladder cancer, this study proves it

Symptoms of Urinary Bladder Cancer 

These symptoms are not exclusive to bladder cancer, like any other diseases of the urinary system, so a checkup is a must before jumping to any conclusions. 

  • Blood in Urine/hematuria
  • Pain while urinating 
  • The urine stream is not as stronger as it used to be
  • Frequent Urge to urinate increases 
  • Low back pain 
  • Frequent urination at night 

How the diagnosis of Urinary Bladder Cancer is made?

Bladder cancer is also known as urothelial cancer or urothelial carcinoma, the most common presenting symptoms of this carcinoma are – 

  • Urine analysis in the lab 
  • Ultrasound of bladder
  • Cystoscopy is the study of the bladder by inserting a camera in the urethra
  • CT scan if required, those patients who are unfit for contrast CT scan due to bladder issues can undergo MRI scan to take a closer look at the tumor. 
  • TURBT  

What are the Stages of bladder cancer?

Stage I – Tumor is present in the bladder without involving any bladder tissues

Stage-II – Tumor involving the bladder wall muscle as well 

Stage III  – Tumor involving the fat present near the bladder as well as lymph nodes near it

Stage IV  – Tumour involving the abdominal wall, (it may or may not involve other organs)

Urinary Bladder Cancer Treatment in Delhi

The treatment options for bladder cancer treatment in Delhi at Excel Advanced Urology Clinic depend upon the stage of cancer and the overall health condition of the patient. 

  1. TURBT is the best treatment option for non-invasive bladder tumors that is both diagnostic as well as a treatment option. TURBT is the transurethral resection of the bladder tumor in which an endoscope is passed in the bladder through the urethral opening. This endoscope is guided by a camera, the bladder tumor is then taken out with the help of this endoscope. This tumor is then sent to the lab to find out the malignancy and the stage of bladder cancer. 
  2. Bladder Removal and creating a new bladder – If cancer spreads to the whole bladder lining (known as muscle-invasive), then the bladder is removed by the process of radical cystectomy. After the removal of the bladder, a part of the intestine is made to function as a bladder which is known as a neobladder. This neobladder gives normal functioning to the patient as the old bladder used to give. 
  3. Removal of Bladder and creation of Ileal conduit – In this urinary bladder cancer treatment in Delhi, Dr. Ashish removes the bladder and attaches urinary pipes (ureters) to the intestines. After which an uro-stoma is created, in which the outlet of the intestine is attached to a urine bag which is attached outside the patient’s body on the abdominal wall. The urine collects in the urine bag that can be emptied regularly. 
  4. Chemotherapy – Chemotherapy can be given in two ways, one by injecting the medicines in the muscle or veins. Another method is to inject the medicines directly into the bladder. The medicines like mitomycin C are injected into the bladder to kill any other cancer cells present in the bladder. 
  5. Intravesical BCG – Putting BCG in the urinary bladder has given promising results in treating cancer. This is a very promising treatment and if the patient is an ideal candidate, then this treatment is performed. 
  6. Radiotherapy – The radio waves are focused on the cancer area which then destroys the cancer cells and helps in making the prognosis better for the patient. 
  7. Biological Immunotherapy – As Dr. Ashish Saini gives the best urinary bladder cancer treatment in Delhi, he gives immunotherapy to cancer patients as well. This immunotherapy gives the patient the power to fight against the cancer cells. This therapy is important to keep the body in working condition and to fight cancer and win.   

 A combination of all the treatments is given for the urinary bladder cancer treatment in Delhi so that the patient can recover faster. We try our level best that the patient lives with the best quality of life with all the functions of the urinary system. To get treated by the best urologist and urology cancer surgeon in Delhi then you can book an appointment with Dr. Ashish Saini here

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